June 25, 2022


  • Whetstones drop from bandits within the Farbane Woods
  • The Bandit Armory is a chief spot for farming Whetstones
  • Grayson the Armourer drops the crafting recipe for Whetstones

Whetstones are handled as consumable crafting components in “V Rising,” they usually’re utilized in many helpful recipes which can be integral to mid-game development.

Fortunately, Whetstones aren’t too laborious to come back by. Gamers can usually discover these things as drops from useless bandits. The beginning space of Farbane Woods is chock-full of those enemies, however Whetstones aren’t assured to drop from each bandit roaming the roads.

The most effective place to farm Whetstones is the Bandit Armory simply north of the central Farbane Vampire Waygate. Whetstones appear to drop from enemies at an elevated price on this space, and many of the breakable barrels and containers have a tendency to offer much more Whetstones for gamers to seize.

Gamers can even discover Grayson the Armourer on high of the hill within the Bandit Armory. Beat this boss to unlock the Crimson Aegis energy, Workshop flooring and the Whetstone crafting recipe. Take into account that Grayson is a Degree 27 boss, so come ready or convey just a few buddies.

Whetstones are crafted at a Furnace by smelting Copper Ingots and Stone Mud collectively.

Copper could be earned in mass portions by going to the Bandit Copper Mine frequently. The mine has a ton of copper nodes inside, but it surely’s additionally guarded by a good variety of hostiles. Nonetheless, gamers ought to attempt to farm the Bandit Copper Mine for the sake of getting an entire set of Cruel copper gear.

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The middle of the copper mine is guarded by Errol the Stonebreaker, a Degree 20 boss who makes use of a hammer to ship chaos power surging by way of the bottom.

The benefit of preventing Errol is that beating him will trigger close by nodes to crumble. Not solely will gamers get a shot at acquiring loot like recipes and Unsullied Hearts, however the explosion following the boss’ demise can even trigger all close by copper nodes to blow up, saving gamers lots of time.

In the meantime, Stone Mud is obtained as a by-product of Stone Bricks at a Grinder. Merely place some stones inside a Grinder, and the crafting station will mechanically generate Stone Mud, very similar to how a Sawmill produces Sawdust when making planks.

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