June 26, 2022


  • “Tokyo Revengers” 255 is scheduled to drop Wednesday
  • It will present Kakucho pledging his allegiance to Takemichi
  • Kakucho and Takemichi’s lives will probably be at risk within the chapter

“Tokyo Revengers” 255 scans present that Takemichi should defeat Sanzu Haruchiyo first to forestall the carnage he noticed in his imaginative and prescient. Nevertheless, it seems to be just like the time traveler could have a tough time destroying Sanzu even when Kakucho helps him.

The newest set of uncooked scans of “Tokyo Revengers” 255 are actually obtainable on-line, because of totally different insiders throughout the neighborhood. One of many leaked panels reveals Sanzu speaking to Takemichi and Kakucho telling them that he has been on the prepare station even earlier than the battle between Tokyo Manji and Kantou Manji started.

Sanzu, often known as Haruchiyo, additionally shares that he has provide you with a plan that includes killing everybody. He then pulls out his katana and intends to apply it to Takemichi, however Kakucho intervenes and protects his pal.

Tokyo Revengers: Mikey and Draken’s intro Photograph: Crunchyroll FR Official YouTube Channel

Sanzu additionally says that his plan has nothing in opposition to enemies or allies. He then tells Kakucho the whole lot is noisy besides Mikey, and he won’t let anybody get in his approach. Kaku asks if Sanzu killed Mucho utilizing the katana that is at the moment in his fingers.

Yusihiro Muto or Mucho was the fifth division captain of the first-generation Tokyo Manji gang and one of the founding members and executives of Tenjiku, the gang Izana built with Kisaki. After he got out of the Juvenile Detention Center for the second time, his right-hand man Haruchiyo took him to the place where the battle between Toman and Tenjiku took place.

Sanzu suddenly pulled out a sword and used it on Mucho. But before finally killing him, Sanzu confessed that he just pretended all those times to get his trust. Mucho’s journey ended in “Tokyo Revengers” 206.

The manga did not reveal if former members of the Tenjiku and Tokyo Manji gangs suspected Sanzu of killing Mucho. Kakucho’s intriguing question is the first hint that suggests some former Tenjiku members doubt Sanzu’s integrity.

Kaku then swears his allegiance to Takemichi. He tells the time traveler that as the only survivor of his family, he threw away his last name because he wanted to live alone. Aside from Izana, he says that he will now fight for the time traveler.

Tokyo Revengers” 255 is popping out Wednesday.

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