December 9, 2022

Winter is now in full swing. And if you aren’t lucky enough to live somewhere like Florida or Hawaii, that means you need proper winter clothes in order to stay comfortable, safe, and enjoy the season for what it is.

Many people complain about the cold temperatures in the winter, the slippery ice, and snow. But the problem isn’t the season itself. The problem is not having the right warm clothes for winter, that can deal with the elements and keep you cozy regardless of the temperature.

When you invest in the right winter gear, you’ll learn to actually enjoy the season for what it is, rather than dread it. So what are the main types of winter clothes for kids and adults that your family needs this season? Here’s what to focus on. 

1. Winter Coats

The winter coat is the most important aspect of your cold-weather wardrobe. A proper winter coat will keep your core and arms extremely warm, even as the temperatures drop below freezing.

They will also feature materials that shed snow and rain, keeping you dry when shoveling snow, playing with the kids or trying to go for a walk after a fresh snowfall.

This is one area not to be cheap on. By purchasing a high-quality coat, you’ll have warm protection for years to come. 

2. Winter Accessories

Kids, women, and men’s winter accessories are also very important to staying safe when the temps drop. Winter gloves will keep your hands from feeling numb when driving, going for a walk, or even making snowballs.

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You can get glove liners, which are thin gloves worn under your main glove for added warmth. Merino wool is best for maximum insulation.

Winter socks are important for preventing your toes from numbing up. Any time you leave the house, you should keep an extra pair of socks in your car or bag, in case you need another layer.

And to finish it off, you’ll need some headwear. Beanies, earmuffs, headbands, and gaiters will keep your head and ears nice and toasty.

Looking for some kid’s winter accessories? Check out these winter baby clothes and beanies for keeping your little ones cozy all season long. 

3. Winter Boots

Lastly, you want to ensure you have a high-quality pair of winter boots. Winter boots will provide the insulation needed to keep your feet warm. They will also repel snowfall and water from puddles and ice on the ground.

They’ll also have great traction when you walk across slippery surfaces. 

When buying winter boots, make sure to try them on with the socks you wear during the winter. Winter socks are much thicker, so you may need to buy a pair of boots that are one size larger than your normal shoes size. 

Stock Up on Winter Clothes

Having the right winter clothes makes all the difference when the temperatures drop and the snowfalls. Without the right clothing, you will be miserable for months. But with the right clothing and accessories, you’ll have what it takes to not just survive the winter, but to thrive in it.

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