June 27, 2022


  • The Void Fiend is a new playable class with a unique set of abilities
  • This class can be unlocked by escaping from the Planetarium or finishing 50 waves of Simulacrum
  • The Mercenary is the best class to survive with in the Simulacrum

The Void Fiend is one of the two new classes introduced in “Risk of Rain 2’s” latest expansion, “Survivors of the Void.” Unlike the Railgunner class, the Void Fiend will have players do some extra work, but luckily, it’s nothing too complicated.

On the character selection screen, the Void Fiend’s icon says that players need to either escape from the Planetarium or complete 50 waves of Simulacrum. Both of these are relatively straightforward, but they need a fair amount of work. Here’s how to complete them.

Escape the Planetarium

The Planetarium is a secret area within a secret area. Players will need to go to the Bazaar Between Time and go down the portal to the Void Fields. Purge all nine cells in the area as per usual, and then head to the Null Portal that opens at the end.

Instead of entering the portal, wait for a different portal to the Void Locus to appear. Once inside the Void Locus realm, activate all of the Deep Void Signals and wait for a portal to appear at the top of the level. Go inside to reach the Planetarium.

After reaching the Planetarium, defeat the boss inside and escape to unlock the achievement and the Void Fiend.

The Simulacrum Method

Surviving 50 waves in the Simulacrum is much more straightforward than the Planetarium route. Simply fight everything that spawns until the achievement is unlocked. However, this is easier said than done, and one wrong move can lead to wasted effort.

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One of the new locations in Risk of Rain 2’s expansion, Survivors of the Void Photo: Hopoo Games

One of the easiest ways to complete this is by playing as the Mercenary with the Artifact of Command enabled and getting a Brittle Crown as soon as possible. This will let players open virtually any chest they encounter with very little consequence.

Use all white item drops to get at least seven Soldier’s Syringes and as many Focus Crystals as possible to maximize DPS and ability uptime. Alternatively, try to find another Lunar Pod and get one Purity for maximum cooldown reduction. Stack defensive items like Tougher Times, Topaz Brooch, Medkit and Infusion for insurance.

This setup will give players enough damage to effectively deal with high-health enemies while being practically immune to damage thanks to the Mercenary’s Eviscerate ability, which grants about two seconds’ worth of invulnerability. With enough cooldown reduction items, players can keep casting Eviscerate, making them practically unkillable.

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