August 18, 2022


  • Khan is a flexible tank who can maintain his personal in lots of conditions
  • He can function both a most important frontline fighter or off-tank defender
  • Khan can throw enemies off of a map along with his final capability

Khan is a flexible ranged fighter in “Paladins” who can fulfill a wide range of roles. Although he’s primarily performed because the staff’s most important frontliner, he works nicely as a secondary tank who can preserve pesky Flankers off of the staff’s carries.

Gamers who’re on the lookout for a sturdy tank that may perform a little little bit of all the things will discover Khan to be an ideal alternative. Right here’s a brief overview of the best way to play this champion in “Paladins.”

Khan Playstyle

Khan’s most important job is to carry targets and get the enemy’s consideration. He has an computerized pistol that hits laborious over medium ranges and a defend that works equally to Fernando’s, although Khan’s is smaller and a bit weaker.

One in every of his most important strengths is his versatility. Khan works surprisingly nicely as a frontliner, injury vendor and anti-flank champion because of his crowd management expertise. If the staff has a most important tank, then Khan may also help defend the backlines along with his excessive injury and lockdown talents.

When tanking, by no means cost into the target alone. At all times look forward to the staff to maneuver up earlier than partaking. Maintain Bulwark up always and use Battle Shout at any time when it goes down. Don’t be afraid to retreat as soon as each of those expertise are on cooldown.

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Core Expertise, Skills and Playing cards

Khan holds the frontline along with his Bulwark and Battle Shout talents. The previous grants him a damage-absorbing barrier, whereas the latter provides him transient injury immunity whereas therapeutic him for an honest quantity.

Gamers who wish to tank with Khan ought to use the Lian’s Protect expertise for its buff to Bulwark, in addition to the next playing cards for max survivability:

  • Hope Guard
  • By no means Give up
  • Platemail
  • Shieldwall
  • Prepared for Conflict

This setup will give Khan as a lot efficient HP as attainable by stronger Bulwark shields, improved therapeutic, Battle Shout cooldown discount and flat HP bonuses.

Off-tank Khan gamers can use both Storm of Bullets for higher weapon injury or Vortex Grip for elevated CC period. Make sure you spec into playing cards that enhance Commander’s Seize or his common effectiveness along with his weapon to maximise the consequences of those skills.

A card loadout meant for tanking with Khan in Paladins Photograph: Paladins

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