August 8, 2022


  • The Torturer’s Set now offers extra AoE harm towards enemies hit by Volcanic Rounds’ aura
  • The set works properly with the Bullet Frenzy node
  • Perpetuum Cell or Poisonous Lead are must-haves for this construct

Even with the brand new ability-focused legendary armor units for Pyromancers within the “Worldslayer” growth for “Outriders,” the traditional Volcanic Rounds construct stays extremely aggressive even within the highest of difficulties.

The most recent additions from the growth gave this outdated construct a number of new methods to be loved, from higher high quality of life to easily extra harm. Right here’s a brand new Volcanic Rounds Pyromancer construct for “Outriders: Worldslayer.”

Armor, Mods and Abilities

The Torturer set basically makes the hitboxes of Volcanic Rounds pictures thrice greater than regular. Moreover, as of the growth’s launch, it now offers a bit extra AoE harm to all enemies affected by Volcanic Rounds every time one goal is instantly hit by bullets.

The Torturer’s Masks for Pyromancers in Outriders Worldslayer

As for mods, gamers will need people who buff Volcanic Rounds, Heatwave and Ash Blast, in addition to ones that improve Firepower. Contemplate having the next outfitted:

  • Dying Sentence
  • Molten Lead
  • Susceptibility
  • Radiation Flames
  • Energy From Hearth
  • Additional Magazine
  • Scorched Earth
  • Burnt-Out
  • Bullet Kindling
  • Trample the Weak

With Dying Sentence and Molten Lead, gamers will take pleasure in two giant 40% harm buffs on prime of the opposite advantages supplied by different mods whereas additionally freezing each enemy in place with Ash Blast. This leads to excessive single-target DPS and respectable mob clear because of the Torturer set’s impact.

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This setup requires components of the Acari and Scorched Zealot units in an effort to get Molten Lead and Energy From Hearth.

Class Tree

The Ash Breaker tree is the most suitable choice for this construct because of its bonuses towards Ashen targets. It additionally supplies harm bonuses every time the participant makes use of Ash Blast. Ensure to take all damage-increasing nodes from the highest tree.

As for Pax abilities, go down the Gunblazer route and take the Ashen Regalia and Bullet Frenzy nodes for harm and survivability.


Ideally, gamers must be utilizing any weapon with Darkish Sacrifice and Perpetuum Cell. This combo grants 25% additional harm and just about limitless ammo in horde conditions.

Poisonous-inflicting mods can exchange Perpetuum Cell so long as gamers exchange one among their armor mods with Poisonous Lead, which regenerates ammo upon killing poisoned enemies.

Lastly, attempt to use weapons with a excessive base ammo capability like an LMG or a double gun. The previous is nice for prolonged firefights, whereas the latter is wonderful towards bosses.

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