August 18, 2022


  • The Statue set drastically will increase weapon harm whereas Golem or Tremor is lively
  • The Set off Twitch set accommodates highly effective mods for sidearms
  • The construct permits for fixed crits and a zero-reload playstyle

Sidearms are sometimes ignored in “Outriders,” particularly since most of the recreation’s main weapons have such highly effective mods constructed onto them. Although the plethora of pistols obtainable to gamers could appear weak, they are often was highly effective workhorses when the fitting loadout is provided.

Right here’s a sidearm construct with the Devastator as a base class for anybody who’s seeking to strive one thing new in “Outriders: Worldslayer.”

Armor, Mods and Expertise

This can be a variant of the Firepower Statue construct that makes use of elements of the brand new Set off Twitch set, which revolves round sidearm buffs.

The Helmet of the Statue legendary armor piece from Outriders Picture: Outriders

The construct will nonetheless make use of the Statue set’s bonus Firepower impact from each time Golem and Tremor are lively, however it’ll shift its focus towards utilizing sidearms as a substitute of the standard array of weapons. Right here’s the mod checklist:

  • Give Me Extra
  • Perseverance
  • Energy of the Stones
  • Crush Sequence
  • Golem Squad
  • Sidearm Specialist
  • Crazed Gunman
  • Critstack
  • Excessive Stakes
  • Plate Piercer

With this setup, gamers may have fixed entry to 100% sidearm crit probability in addition to computerized reloads. Golem and Tremor will present sufficient survivability, whereas Gravity Leap will let gamers dart by the battlefield whereas activating some important buffs associated to the category timber.

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Class Tree

Take all the Armor Piercing, leech and harm buff nodes within the Vanquisher tree to get essentially the most DPS out of sidearms. Seize the Champion, Bounty Hunter and Ammo Stockpile nodes as effectively.

For the Pax abilities, take the Harvester and In opposition to Devastating Odds nodes within the Wrecker tree. These will give additional weapon leech, Armor Piercing and an additional approach of getting 100% crucial hit probability by way of Gravity Leap.


There are many good choices for this construct, and typically, it will likely be as much as participant choice. For essentially the most harm, attempt to use a sidearm with crit-related mods, just like the Fortunate revolver, and stack it with Darkish Sacrifice for extra firepower.

Think about using a mixture of each single-target and AoE harm mods on sidearms since this construct is weak towards massive teams. Nikola’s Revenge is a superb mob-clearing instrument, whereas Shadow Comet can fulfill each roles with nice effectivity.

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