September 26, 2022
The Colossus Exocraft is a heavy-duty rig meant for cargo and mining operations
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  • Activated Indium is an especially profitable mineral
  • Assets are greatest offered to touring ship captains on freighters or stations
  • An Indium Drive is required to succeed in blue galaxies

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Activated Indium is arguably one of the simplest ways to generate income in “No Man’s Sky.” It beats the opposite assets like Cobalt and Chlorine by way of value per unit, however it is usually a bit extra difficult to get.

Though creating wealth with Activated Indium was nerfed up to now, it is nonetheless a really environment friendly method to earn Models passively whereas gamers discover unknown bits of the sport’s universe.

Here is arrange an Activated Indium farm in “No Man’s Sky.”

Necessary Tech and Blueprints

First, gamers might want to get an Indium Drive for his or her starship from Iteration Hyperion within the Area Anomaly. This will even require gamers to get the prior starship hyperdrive upgrades and discover the opposite galaxies which are unreachable with regular ships.

Subsequent, the Mineral Extractor, Provide Pipe and Provide Depot blueprints are required to arrange an automatic mining outpost, which can enable for passive and unsupervised mining. This additionally wants some kind of energy generator like Photo voltaic Panels.

Lastly, be sure that the Survey Machine improve is put in on the multi-tool.

No Man's Sky - Indium Drive
The Indium Drive blueprint could be purchased from Iteration Hyperion from the Area Anomaly
No Man’s Sky

The place to search out Activated Indium

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Activated Indium solely seems on planets inside Blue Methods, which could be detected on the Galaxy Map. These programs can solely be reached if an Indium Drive is put in in a ship. Moreover, gamers must get the Cadmium and Emeril Drives first with a view to unlock and set up an Indium Drive.

As soon as a planet with Activated Indium is situated, gamers must land and scan the surroundings for deposits utilizing the Survey Machine. Essentially the most ideally suited deposits are ones which are above a large piece of flat land with a view to make constructing on prime of it simpler.

After this, gamers can arrange an automatic mining facility with energy mills, Mineral Extractors and Provide Depots. The quantity of Indium that extractors can get per hour is determined by the category of the Indium deposit they’re harvesting. This may be seen by inspecting it with the Survey Machine.

Keep in mind that constructing a number of Mineral Extractors on prime of a single deposit ends in diminishing returns. Nevertheless, as much as three extractors could be constructed with out lacking out on too many minerals.

No Man's Sky - Space Anomaly
The Area Anomaly has a bunch of useful NPCs and analysis stations – NMS
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