November 27, 2022

Cats are fairly fastidious creatures. That is evident of their litter field habits so it may be fairly irritating for cat mother and father when their cat develops litter field issues. Nonetheless, there are a number of methods you need to use to assist retrain your cat to start out utilizing its litter field once more. However earlier than we get into these methods, let’s check out among the attainable explanation why your cat is rejecting the litter field within the first place.

Causes Why Cats Reject The Litter Field

A number of the widespread litter field issues that may repel cats embrace an unclean litter field, litter packing containers which can be both too excessive, hooded or lined, an excessive amount of or too little litter within the field, cramped litter packing containers, and too few litter packing containers (particularly when you’ve got multiple cat), an uncomfortable location, altering the kind of litter you employ, battle with different cats in the home, stress from shifting and the addition of a brand new animal or member of the family to the family.

Typically, the rationale your cat received’t use the litter field might be medical, and a few of these medical causes embrace; a UTI, which might in all probability trigger your cat to continuously produce solely small quantities of urine; bladder stones, or blockage, which might make urination painful and feline interstitial cystitis which causes an irritation of the bladder.

Now that you’ve an understanding of the attainable causes of your cat’s litter field issues, there are some steps you may take to resolve the issue. They embrace;

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Rule Out Any Well being Issues

The very first thing you have to do while you discover your cat rejecting its litter field is to take them to a vet for a radical examination, as there might be a medical cause behind it – you may also look into potential well being situations that your cat may need on websites like Mellowed Cats. If the rationale seems to be medical, there isn’t a trigger for fear as a lot of the medical situations that trigger a decline in litter field use could be remedied simply and inexpensively. When you’ve dominated out well being issues, you may then proceed to search for different potential causes.

Preserve Their Litter Field Clear

A grimy litter field is without doubt one of the commonest explanation why cats get rid of within the flawed place so guarantee to scoop your cat’s litter field not less than twice day by day. On a weekly foundation, make sure that to disinfect and exchange all of the litter with new ones.

Discover The Proper Litter Field

Your cat’s litter field must be one and a half occasions the complete size of your cat (you may measure from the nostril to the bottom of the tail). Sadly, a lot of the conventional-style litter packing containers offered are often too small to accommodate grownup cats comfortably, so you may strive utilizing a big plastic storage field as a substitute. The plastic field ought to be capable of match beneath the mattress. If their litter field has a hood, attempt to take away them as an enclosed litter field may entice in smells that the majority cats received’t like.

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Discover The Proper Location

Keep away from altering the placement of your cat’s litter field out of the blue, as cats are creatures of behavior. If you happen to intend to maneuver their litter field to a brand new location, achieve this progressively. You possibly can transfer the field just a few inches daily whereas giving your cat time to regulate. When selecting a location on your cat’s litter field, decide locations which can be quiet and provide some privateness.

Additionally, be certain that the field is positioned away from their meals and water stations. Laundry rooms and tight areas just like the nook of a closet are usually not advisable as they will make your cat really feel claustrophobic. You possibly can place packing containers in a number of completely different areas to see the place your cat feels is the most secure to make use of.


Though it may be irritating coping with inappropriate elimination out of your cat, it is crucial that you don’t punish them for it however quite attempt to decide the trigger. When you’ve dominated out well being issues, you may take steps to resolve the problems with their litter field. If every part else fails, don’t be shy to ask your vet or an animal behaviourist for assist.