August 18, 2022


  • Regular melee hits now rely as powered assaults when Roaring Flames is energetic
  • Consecration’s cooldown could be regained nearly immediately via elemental wells
  • The construct combines highly effective self-healing with excessive AoE and single-target injury talents 

With the key buffs given to Titans in hotfix for “Future 2,” one of many class’ fashionable builds simply acquired even higher.

Beforehand, if gamers wished to spam the brand new Consecration assault in PvE, they needed to sacrifice an unique slot for Coronary heart of Inmost Mild. In addition they wanted to select between the therapeutic and skill regeneration of Sol Invictus and the flat injury buff of Roaring Flames. Now, gamers can have every part.

Beneficial Loadout

As an alternative of HotL, this construct will use the Loreley Splendor helmet. For many who didn’t know, Loreley Splendor permits gamers to create Sunspots and achieve the advantages of Sol Invictus even with out utilizing the side itself. Merely pop a barricade or dip into low well being and a Sunspot will seem.

Pair this unique and its Sunspots with regeneration mods like Momentum Switch, Influence Induction or Utility Kickstart to regain all talents considerably quicker, as if Coronary heart of Inmost Mild was geared up.

Melee Wellmaker and Bountiful Wells are extremely really useful due to the current patch, which now permits Titans to generate Photo voltaic wells with regular melee assaults so long as they’ve a stack of Roaring Flames.

Lastly, think about using the Photo voltaic Fulmination artifact mod to make the flame wave ignition deal extra injury over a wider space.

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Any weapon will work with this construct, so choose whichever suits the state of affairs essentially the most.

The Loreley Splendor acquired a big change within the weeks following its debut Picture: Future 2

Subclass Setup

The category setup will stay principally the identical because the earlier model.

  • Features
    • Consecration
    • Roaring Flames
  • Fragments
    • Ember of Searing
    • Ember of Singeing
    • Ember of Empyrean
    • Ember of Torches

Empyrean could be changed with Eruption, Char or Surprise relying on participant desire since Loreley Splendor’s enhanced Restoration results and the near-permanent availability of barricades scale back the necessity for Empyrean’s refresh impact.

With all of those mixed, gamers ought to have the ability to continuously spam Consecration with out sacrificing injury output and survivability. Simply make sure that to Scorch as many targets as potential and hold a grenade charged in case Roaring Flames’ timer expires.

Weapons that inherently inflict Scorch like Skyburner’s Oath, Prometheus Lens or something with Incandescent can significantly improve the usability of this construct.

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