August 18, 2022


  • Titans and Warlocks have been tuned to match their meant energy fantasies
  • Hunters have been unchanged within the hotfix
  • A couple of notable bugs involving weapons, armor and actions have been additionally mounted

After admitting that the Photo voltaic 3.0 replace didn’t meet expectations, “Future 2” developer Bungie pushed by way of with a number of notable buffs for Dawnblades and Sunbreakers within the sport’s newest mid-week patch.

The builders beforehand mentioned that the subclass replace was underwhelming in some components, in response to their final “This Week At Bungie.” Attributable to this, they determined to grant some substantial upgrades for sure Warlock and Titan skills to assist hold the healer and fireplace god fantasies alive. The modifications are as follows:

  • Warlock
    • Celestial Fireplace now inflicts 10 Scorch stacks per projectile (15 with Ember of Ashes)
    • Icarus Sprint now heals gamers when quickly defeating targets with Supers or weapons whereas airborne
    • Warmth Rises now applies Treatment x2 when consuming a grenade. Consuming Therapeutic Grenades strengthens this impact to Treatment x3. Contact of Flame Therapeutic Grenades grant offers Restoration when consumed
  • Titan
    • Burning Maul now offers 25% extra harm in PvE
    • Roaring Flames empowers unpowered melee assaults, inflicting them to use 30 stacks of Scorch per hit (40 with Ember of Ashes)
    • Consecration now has two fragment slots, and the secondary wave’s peak has been elevated by 25% to make hitting airborne targets simpler

These modifications ought to solidify the fantasies meant for every class whereas additionally assuaging a number of the ache factors the group raised.

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Warlocks ought to now be more proficient at therapeutic teammates, and the Dawnblade subclass can now dominate the skies with superior aerial prowess. In the meantime, Titans obtained what is actually the outdated Mortar Blast potential, and their offensive skills ought to now be a lot stronger and extra dependable than earlier than.

Sadly, Hunters didn’t get any modifications, though the category already has every little thing it must succeed.

The patch additionally launched some massive bug fixes. Listed below are a number of notable ones:

  • Grasp Duality not drops pinnacle gear greater than as soon as per week
  • Gumshoe/Inspector/Midnight Oil armor items not drop legendary shards when dismantled
  • Firefright and Trespasser can now be re-obtained from the Collections tab
  • Ember of Benevolence now prompts extra persistently
  • Vortex, Voidwall and Photo voltaic Grenades now deal their meant harm values in PvE
  • Enhanced Bait and Change now works as meant

The reworked Dawnblade tree for Warlocks in Future 2 Picture: Future 2

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