June 26, 2022


  • Radahn could also be higher fought whereas on foot as an alternative of on horseback
  • The boss is weak in opposition to bleed and decay harm
  • Summoned NPCs could be re-summoned once more mid-fight

The third main Shardbearer boss battle gamers can encounter in “Elden Ring” has already gained a good bit of notoriety inside the neighborhood.

Starscourge Radahn, as comical as he would possibly look, is likely one of the hardest boss encounters within the sport. The outsized common makes use of twin greatswords and quite a lot of gravity-based magic to destroy gamers with little or no effort. He may appear unattainable to beat at first, even with all the pleasant NPCs within the space, however there are just a few tips to make this battle a lot simpler.

To really battle Radahn, gamers want to attend for the aptly-named Radahn Competition to start at Redmane Fort in Caelid. There are various stories as to when the competition begins, however resting at any Web site of Grace within the Altus Plains appears to ensure this occasion.

Starscourge Radahn Ideas

Although it may appear counterintuitive, Radahn is finest fought on foot. Most large enemies are simpler to battle when gamers are proper subsequent to them as a result of their assaults have useless zones at very shut ranges.

Originally of the battle, summon the NPCs at the place to begin whereas slowly heading towards Radahn. Use the particles on the sphere to dam the boss’ arrows, then use Torrent to shut the gap.

A number of NPCs could be summoned in the course of the battle in opposition to Radahn Photograph: Elden Ring

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Let the NPCs get Radahn’s consideration and preserve reviving them in the event that they go down. Persist with Radahn’s sides or again and preserve hitting him. The boss is very weak to bleed and decay harm; any weapon or merchandise that may stack these standing results is nice on this battle.

As soon as Radahn jumps away, preserve observe of the place he’s going to crash down. The easiest way to keep away from getting crushed is by driving Torrent in a circle. Re-summon NPCs earlier than he lands and allow them to tank Radahn’s harm once more. Wait till the boss makes use of his huge strikes just like the leaping slam assault and the corkscrew charging assaults earlier than going again into the fray.

This battle could be finished on horseback, however gamers should use hit-and-run techniques due to the shortage of invulnerability frames on Torrent’s sprint and the sheer vary of Radahn’s melee assaults. Don’t neglect to make use of objects like Kukris to use bleed harm from a distance.

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