September 28, 2022


  • Rennala is arguably the best of all of the demigod fights in “Elden Ring”
  • Her assaults are straightforward to dodge however hit very arduous
  • Rennala’s spirit summons might be largely disregarded

After surviving the veritable onslaught that was Godrick the Grafted in Stormveil Citadel, “Elden Ring” gamers will probably be glad to know that the second demigod boss, Rennala, isn’t fairly as troublesome.

Rennala, the Queen of the Full Moon, is likely one of the simpler bosses in “Elden Ring.” Nonetheless, she will be able to nonetheless give gamers issues in the event that they don’t know what they’re doing. Right here’s a fast information on learn how to struggle this boss and some tips about learn how to make the encounter simpler on all fronts.

Learn how to beat Rennala in “Elden Ring”

The primary part of Rennala’s boss struggle is extra of a thematic expertise, much like the Deacons of the Deep in “Darkish Souls 3.” Right here, gamers want to seek out and kill the singing youngster within the room whereas avoiding flying furnishings. Every so often, Rennala will hurl particles that may immediately kill gamers who don’t have sufficient HP. Keep away from these assaults and maintain in search of the youngsters.

Utilizing a Spirit Summon on this part could make it go by a lot faster because the ghost can take the entire enemy aggro within the participant’s stead.

As soon as three singers have been handled, Rennala will lose her protect and fall to the bottom. Use any means essential to deal as a lot harm as potential to stop one other cycle of seek-and-destroy.

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The second boss part is way more lively. Rennala will begin utilizing highly effective spells that may shortly kill gamers, and midway by means of the struggle, she’s going to summon spirits of her personal. The most effective technique right here is to be hyper-aggressive, as Rennala’s HP pool is comparatively low and she or he may be very vulnerable to getting staggered.

It’s higher to dash by means of Rennala’s monitoring spells as a substitute of dodging to assist preserve stamina for large assaults.

Really helpful Loadouts

Pure sorcery builds might have probably the most bother on this boss struggle as a result of total FP value from the primary and second phases. Rennala additionally casts spells quicker than gamers can. Attempt to use quick spells like Glintstone Pebble or Ambush Shard on this struggle.

For melee gamers, attempt to follow Rennala as a lot as potential to stop her from utilizing her extra highly effective assaults. Bleed weapons are additionally nice on this struggle as they may help chew by means of the boss’ well being way more shortly.

Rennala’s assaults can deal devastating harm in the event that they handle to attach Photograph: Elden Ring

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