September 28, 2022


  • Blaidd’s armor is obtained as a reward for completing his storyline
  • Players also need to finish Ranni’s quest before they can obtain Blaidd’s armor
  • The Black Wolf Mask can be found at Seluvis’ Rise

FromSoftware went all-out with the “Berserk” references in “Elden Ring,” from the sword memorials to certain enemy and weapon designs. Among all of these, the one that stands out is the wolfman Blaidd, who wears an armor set with an uncanny resemblance to the one worn by Guts in Kentaro Miura’s dark fantasy epic.

Blaidd is one of “Elden Ring’s” more notable NPCs. He’s a savage warrior with a gentle heart whom players can befriend at the beginning of the game. His signature sword and armor set are some of the best-looking equipment in “Elden Ring,” and yes, players can obtain this later in the game.

In true FromSoftware fashion, players have to keep track of Blaidd and exhaust all of his dialogue options as part of the character’s quest, which is tied to a much more relevant sidequest tied to Ranni the Witch. This means that players will have to complete the entirety of Ranni’s questline before they can get Blaidd’s armor.

Here are all of the steps needed to finish both Blaidd and Ranni’s stories:

  1. Speak to Blaidd at the ruins in Mistwood, East Limgrave
  2. Defeat Bloodhound Darriwil at the Forlorn Hound Evergaol
  3. Speak to Ijji, the giant blacksmith by the Road to Caria Manor Grace
  4. Speak to Ranni at Ranni’s Rise past Caria Manor
  5. Defeat Starscourge Radahn
  6. Grab the Fingerslayer Blade at Nokron and give it to Ranni
  7. Enter Nokstella via Renna’s Rise
  8. Speak to Miniature Ranni at the Site of Grace below Nokstella
  9. Defeat Blaidd’s red phantom
  10. Get Ranni’s ring from the Raya Lucaria Grand Library
  11. Defeat Astel, Naturalborn of the Void past the Lake of Rot
  12. Claim the Dark Moon Greatsword
  13. Go back to Ranni’s Rise and defeat Blaidd
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This is a lengthy story quest, but it’s also one of the most interesting ones in any FromSoftware game. Completing Ranni’s story will reward players with the recurring Moonlight Greatsword weapon found in almost every Soulsborne game. Beating Blaidd after he goes berserk at Ranni’s Rise will reward players with his armor set and weapon.

Blaidd’s armor only consists of a chestpiece, greaves and gauntlets. To get a replica wolf mask (complete with a scarred left eye), go to Seluvis’ Rise next to Ranni’s Rise and use Torrent to grab the Black Wolf Mask sitting on the tower’s outer wall.

Blaidd can be found at the Mistwood Ruins in Limgrave Photo: Elden Ring

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